New Orleans Epic Proposal

Pinali flew down from NY to celebrate her 30th birthday with her sisters and friends. Little did she know, her boyfriend of 10 years, Jesse and 12 others was secretly in New Orleans about to surprise her with a proposal of a lifetime!

The album begins with Jesse and their 12 friends hiding on the top floor preparing for the surprise! 

Pinali arrived to the Cat’s Meow and was called on stage for her “Birthday Song”.. then a video starts playing of Jesse saying how he wish he could have been there for her birthday weekend. He pauses and says he’s on his way. The video follows him leaving work, hopping on a plane, arriving in NOLA at the Cat’s Meow. 

Cue the music to Single Ladies by Beyonce. The 12 guys come out in Beyonce masks serenading Pinali. Then the song switches to Bruno Mars “Marry Me” and out comes Jesse!

As you can see it was the most emotional, exciting, amazing event I’ve ever been a part of! The love in that room was overwhelming and I fell in LOVE with her family (especially Komal!) 

I wish them both a happy engagement and life together! 

Here’s a few of my favorites 🙂