Morgan & Keisha’s City Park Wedding

It’s going to sound sappy but I really love being a part of my couple’s day. I get to watch them marry their best friend then quietly stalk them on social media as they buy homes, have babies, and live their life. And I mean that in the least creepy way possible 😉 

Keisha and Morgan’s wedding was unlike anything I’ve experienced. Keisha has this love for life that is infectious. She’s that person that everyone wants to be around so they can thrive off her joy and join in on the fun! Morgan is one of the sweetest, kindest guys which makes them a perfect compliment of each other. Check out some of my favorite images of their heartfelt, pure, FUN wedding day! 

Venue: Peristyle at City Park

Reception: Ralph’s on the Park

Second Line Band: Kinfolk Brass Band