Gorgeous, Rainy Day at Race & Religious

My last three weddings have been on rainy days in either New Orleans or Mobile.  I’m used to the rain but usually it’s a quick, afternoon shower and then we’re back in the action. However, recently, it’s been a nonstop, unrelenting rain that makes you look to the sky and say “Really!?”

Anyway, this is a good time to talk about rain backup plans. This gorgeous venue, Race and Religious in New Orleans was great for portraits even though the rain never stopped. Natural light, big windows, covered walkways. Think about your venue and what you would do if it rained nonstop on your wedding day. Is there a covered or indoor area big enough for your entire bridal party and family portraits? Something to think about! 

Back to this beautiful couple in the gorgeous Race and Religious property! Luckily we had ton of options for their portraits. Check out some of my favorites! 

Venue: Race & Religious in New Orleans, LA

Wedding Dress: Town & Country Bridal
Dress Designer: Martina Liana
Tuxedo: John’s Tuxedos
Makeup: Glam Nola Candice Martin Kennedy
Hair: Glam Nola Voula Labue