Nyssa & Jake’s Benachi House Wedding

This couple has to be the most thoughtful, special, kind clients I’ve ever had. And all of my clients rock, so this is saying a lot. I realized they were special when I received a HANDWRITTEN thank you card after their welcome gift was delivered. I can’t tell you the last time someone has taken the time to physically write me anything so of course I cried and still have it on my fridge. #emo

Anyway, throughout their wedding planning process, they always went out of their way to let me know that I was appreciated which is such a testament to who they are. So, it was no surprise that at their wedding, every guest smiled when they watched them. They cheered during toasts. You just *felt* that everyone there loved and supported this couple because they are freaking amazing people. 

So, I’m really sad that our journey is over so I’m hoping they renew their vows every 3-4 weeks 😉 Here’s some shots of their beautiful day at Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Benachi House! 

Ceremony: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Reception: Benachi House