Amanda & Seth | Grand Hotel in Point Clear Engagement Session

Amanda & Seth’s engagement session was on the gorgeous grounds of the Grand Hotel in Point Clear. This was my most eventful engagement session to date and kudos to them for rolling with the punches! On the afternoon of their session, Amanda had her hair done, nails done, gorgeous dress, perfect makeup…only for a torrential downpour to hit the area. 

We sat in the bar of the Grand Hotel watching what I can only describe as “Forrest Gump rain” when we decided to grab a whiskey flight and then make a run for a few pictures so the day wasn’t completely ruined. The rain slowed down to sprinkling so Seth scooped Amanda up and off we ran! 


We managed to take a few beautiful shots and rescheduled for the next week.

Andddd it rained again. Seriously?! I sat in the car watching the rain drops hit my windshield until it finally slowed and the sky cleared for a beautiful session! Here’s some of my favorites from the day! This beautiful couple ROCKED it! I can’t wait for their big day!