Rooftop, Modern Wedding in New Orleans, LA

If you’ve followed me, I’m sure you’ve seen that I spent a lot of time in Nola shooting weddings there. When I first started wedding photography five years ago, I took jobs EVERYWHERE to gain experience. I have always loved Nola for vacationing and really enjoyed shooting there over the years.

But, in 2021, I’ve decided to drastically limit my out of state weddings. While I still love it there, it’s become difficult to make the drive especially having a family at home. Sometimes, I’m driving back at 1:00 AM after a wedding questioning my life decisions, haha! Luckily, I’m booking a lot of local weddings in the Mobile and Fairhope area so it feels like time to step back a little and focus my time and energy here. That said, I still have a few over there throughout 2021 and I may take on a couple during slow seasons! I still wanted to share this fun, relaxed beautiful wedding! Here’s my summary from Facebook!

Weddings used to be ruled by traditions and well-meaning people telling couples that they “have to” do this or that. Well, those days are coming to an end. 2020 has given us all the ultimate excuse to do things our own way. When you strip away the fluff, you get extra of the good stuff. No bridal party left them with extra time for couple portraits and to relax with their friends. Plus their friends got to wear PJs so that’s a win!

Nothing about their day felt like a production. It had all the love and none of the stress. Here’s my favorite from Bass & Virginia’s rooftop wedding!

Prep Hotel: The Eliza Jane New Orleans

Cake: Bittersweet Confections

Catering & Venue: The Chicory

Band: Joe Simon’s Jazz

Hair: Ariel VanGeffen

Makeup: Lorin Baudoin

Flowers: Herbivore Floral Designs