St. Joseph’s Chapel at Spring Hill College Mobile, Alabama Wedding


Haley & Andy’s road hasn’t been the easiest. Early into their relationship, Haley’s dad Dale was diagnosed with cancer and she went from a carefree young woman to caregiving for her best friend. Shortly after, Andy dropped everything and moved across country to help Haley take care of Dale. Dating should have been a light-hearted, fun time in her life, but instead she was thrust into this unthinkable role that she selflessly braved with Andy by her side. It takes two incredibly special people to carry that burden! And while I wish they never had to experience that, the fruits of their labor was apparent Saturday. Those hard times built an unshakable foundation and bond. They never have to doubt if they’ll make it when times get tough. Their relationship is what marriage is truly about. A fierce, unmovable partnership.

Saturday was exactly like Haley & Andy’s relationship. It was deep, meaningful, beautiful, FUN, goofy, and hard at moments. Dale’s presence was strong and tears were shed all day. But these two had a blast and I can’t begin to tell you how much they love each other. From their tearful first look to the way Andy watched Haley share the “father-daughter” dance with her sweet momma. The love in that room was off the charts! Here’s some of my favorites of their day! 

Venue: St Joseph’s Chapel At Spring Hill College & Spring Hill College Byrne Hall
DJ: Ross & Angie Matson
Gown Designer: Martina Liana
Hair & Makeup: Becca Townley Snell
Wedding Planner: Katie Johnson Sorensen
Videographer: Leah Ledford Fortitude Films
Cake: Publix
Florals: Elizabeth’s Garden